Our Approach

The information provided in this website is derived from Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR.org). SRTR provides data on kidney transplantation for each and individual transplant center and 11 UNOS regions as well as for the entire USA twice a year.

Transplant interface will help patients

  1. Find a kidney transplant center and will provide key metrics about individual transplant center. Individual metrics will include …

    • # of patient’s listed

    • # of patient’s transplanted (living and deceased donor transplants)

    • Median (approximate) wait time for transplantation

    • 1 and 3 year patient and kidney survival

    • Blood group distribution for patients listed and transplanted

  2. Compare transplant metrics between transplant centers

  3. Initiate transplant evaluation for select transplant centers

  4. Information for patients who are already listed for transplantation, and

  5. Educational material about kidney transplantation (pre evaluation, evaluation, listing, transplantation and post transplant follow-up).

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