Immediately After Transplantation

a. Post transplant surgery - key points to know
b. About Post transplant medication
c. Complications after kidney transplantation

Post transplant surgery - key points to know

  • Hospitalization for 3-8 days.
  • Post surgery follow-up and blood test (1-3 times a week).
  • Outpatient Transplant clinic (1-2 times a week, then once a week, then once a month and then eventually to once year).
  • Return to work in 4-12 weeks.
  • Will require assistance for transportation and help at home until complete recovery from surgery.

About Post transplant medications

  • Immunosuppressive medications
    • Antibodies after transplant (Thymoglobulin, Simulect)
    • Maintenance (Cellcept or Myfortic and Tacrolimus or Cyclosporine)
    • Prednisone (Steroid) may be necessary

  • Prophylactic medications to prevent infections (Bactrim, Valcyte, Acyclovir, etc…)
  • Other medications may be necessary for BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol and heart medications

Complications after kidney transplantation

  • After Surgery (wound infections, lung infection)
  • Kidney (cell rejection, antibody rejection, recurrent disease, BKV infection, medication toxicity)
  • Infections (Urine, surgical site, lungs), Viral infections -CMV, BKV, EBV
  • Tumors (Skin, Lymphoma, Cervical cancers and Native kidney tumors)
  • Complications from medications (Diabetes, high blood pressure, tremors, hair growth, hair loss, diarrhea)
  • Common metabolic complications. (High Blood Pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain)
  • Heart (Heart disease including irregular heart rhythm, angina, heart attack, heart failure)



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