Transplant Interface provides meaningful information to patients and family members about kidney transplantation, so they can make an informed decision about their care. This website can assist you in following ways.

  1. Finding a kidney transplant center

  2. Compare key transplant data between transplant centers

  3. Initiate a transplant evaluation at select transplant centers

  4. Information for patients who are already listed for transplantation

  5. Educational material about kidney transplantation (pre evaluation, evaluation, listing, transplantation and post transplant follow-up)

Individual kidney transplant data (metrics) that are available are:

  1. Number of patients listed

  2. Number of patients transplanted (living and deceased donor transplants)

  3. Median (approximate) wait time for transplantation

  4. One and three year patient and kidney survival

  5. Blood group distribution for patients listed and transplanted

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