Do I need social and family support for my kidney transplantation?

  • Yes. You should have good family or social support at the time of kidney transplantation and after transplantation. For example - you will not be able to drive for few weeks and will require frequent visit to the hospital for lab testing and doctor follow-up.

  • It is important that your family and friends help you in taking care of some of the domestic activities such as grocery shopping, fixing meals, etc.


How long will I require social or family support after kidney transplantation?

  • It is preferable that you have some form of permanent support after your kidney transplantation.

  • You may require assistance for driving to doctor’s appointment for few weeks to 3 months after transplantation. Depending your condition - you may require for a longer period.

  • Based on your recovery, you will be able to drive by yourself around 1-3 months after kidney transplantation.


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